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Pure African Mango

African MangoIf this is your first time you are hearing about African mango then you are in for a treat! Over the past couple of years African mango has become a worldwide phenomenon. African mango is continuously being named the #1 natural fat burning supplement.

To get you up to speed about African mango’s various health benefits i’ll give you a brief introduction about this miracle fruit. It’s really amazing that this fruit is jammed packed with so many vitamins and nutrients.

African mango is a fruit that is commonly found in West Africa. It also is known as Irvingia Gabonensis. Tribes in Africa have been consuming African mango for thousands of years as one of their primary foods. It has been observed that those tribes who would eat this mango. Would be more lean than nearby tribes who didn’t have access to African mango.

African Mango Scale

You probably have noticed that African mango looks just like a normal mango. In reality though they couldn’t be more different then each other. A regular mango doesn’t have the same benefits that an African mango has. The active ingredients in African mango that make it have it’s extraordinary benefits aren’t found in the fruit. Instead, it’s found in it’s seed. The seed within African mango is called a Dika nut. They extract the compounds in the Dika nut to make a pure African mango supplement.

How does African mango work?

African mango’s benefits weren’t even fully understood until recently. African mango has grown to be a household name. Ever since it was featured on a popular daytime TV show. Which hoisted it up to the spotlight. Researchers began to look into African mango more. They started to do studies to confirm the positive effects that people have attributed to this miracle fruit.

African mango was first on “The Dr. Oz Show.” It was pretty exciting to see Dr. Oz enthusiastic about this fruit. He proclaimed that African mango could help someone lose weight with “No diet or exercise.” Dr. Oz based these claims on actual studies that were conducted on African mango.

Dr. Oz African Mango

He talked about how African mango is an all natural fat burner. Not only that but it also has some amazing other benefits as well. Dr. Oz discussed how African mango can actually help lower your cholesterol levels which can significantly reduce the chance of heart disease.

What is really cool about African mango is that it can also be a mood booster. Meaning that if you feel down about yourself or other things. It can actually make you feel better while not being so depressed. Which can be a great addition to anyone’s life. I don’t know about you but I like being happy!

List of African Mango’s Benefits:

  • Maintains your body’s glucose levels
  • Lowers bad cholesterol while reducing blood pressure
  • Is a natural appetite suppressant, helps you to control your eating habits
  • Boosts energy without the need of stimulants
  • Increases leptin levels to overcome leptin resistance

African mango has successfully helped thousands upon thousands of people from around the world lose weight. If you have some weight to lose I highly recommend you to start looking at taking African mango. One of my biggest problems I have with my weight is that I tend to eat way more then I should. After meals I always have a snack because I still feel hungry. Over the years this extra food intake has caused me to gain weight which i’m not too fond of.

African Mango Extract

When I heard that African mango was an appetite suppressant I decided to give it a try. First day I took it I was completely shocked at how well it worked. Usually, after dinner i’m still sorta hungry. So I might eat some chips or cookies. But after my first dose of African mango I had no urge to eat anymore food. I actually felt full and didn’t feel the need to stuff my face with anything else.

This completely changed my eating habits. For the first time I could actually feel like I was in charge of my own body. I began to only eat when my body needed it not when my brain would say something like “mmmmm that cookie looks mighty fine just eat the whole box no one is looking“….

African Mango TapeI started to make better life choices thanks to African mango. I even got some added benefits that I wasn’t expecting. Typically, I take African mango in the morning then in the evening. When I take it first thing in the morning I get a burst of energy that helps me start my day off right. I’d say this boost of energy is much better than caffeine.

Also I noticed that my outlook on life started to get better. I wasn’t so gloomy like I used to be. After doing some research I realized that these new found attributes are from African mango. One of the key reasons African mango is such a great fat burner. Is that it helps to increase leptin levels.

Leptin is a hormone that balances energy for your body. It’s primary function is to inhibit hunger. Which means that it helps to stop hunger. This is crucial because studies have found that people that are obese. Tend to have less of this leptin hormone in their bodies. When you have less leptin you will be more hungry all the time. Which causes people to overeat a lot more than they should.

African Mango Before After

When people have low levels of leptin it’s called leptin resistance. Their bodies aren’t able to produce any more leptin. It’s pretty interesting that African mango plays such a complex role in helping people to lose weight. The science behind all of this is truly amazing. No wonder why African mango is constantly sold out in stores.

Where can you buy African Mango?

As I have mentioned before you don’t actually eat the African mango to get it’s benefits. It’s powerful ingredients are all within it’s seed. The only way to get a highly concentrated form of African mango. Is to buy an African mango supplement that extracted all of the ingredients from the seed.

Making sure you get a 100% Pure African Mango is very vital in how effective it is going work for you. So you have to be prudent when selecting a brand of African mango to buy. There are a ton of shady companies out there looking to take your money in exchange for a very subpar supplement. So you do have to be careful and on the lookout for these fly by night operations.

African Mango Walgreens

You can go out and buy African mango at places such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, GNC, or any other big retailer. I recommend that you DON’T BUY from these places. The problem is that they sell an inferior product. The manufacturers wants to make as much money as possible. So they fill their brand of African mango with fillers, binders, and artificial ingredients. This completely destroys the effectiveness of the supplement. So this is why I urge you to find a pure African mango.

If you are having trouble finding a pure product. Don’t worry! I have done all of the research for you. I have bought and tried a little over two dozen different brands of African mango. I did this all in the name of science (and the pursuit of losing weight!). I was sick of hearing stories about how someone got a low quality product that didn’t work. So they would blame it on African mango when the blame should be on the supplier.

African Mango Supplement

Now that you know the number one thing you should look for is to make sure that you get a pure product. The second thing you should think about is to make sure that the company has a great customer service team. I know most people don’t even think about that. But if something goes wrong you want a company that stands behind their product. So I took this into account when I was evaluating these supplements.

Best African Mango Supplement

African Mango PlusAfrican Mango Plus is without a doubt the best African mango supplement you can buy. Their brand of African mango is truly 100% pure. They do not put any additives or binders. The only natural blend of African mango that I have been able to find. The results that I have experienced with this supplement have been amazing!

Before I ever bought from African Mango Plus I called up their customer service to ask a few questions. I did this so I could test the companies responsiveness. This is often a good indicator at how well they treat their customers. I was transferred to a very professionally sounding customer rep.

When I started to rattle off my questions, she answered them with ease. I thought I knew everything about African mango. Thanks to her she taught me a lot more after the phone conversation. I was so impressed with African Mango Plus that I ordered that day! It was an excellent decision on my part to do so.

After 2 days, African Mango Plus had arrived. The shipping was exceptionally fast. I opened up the box to make sure everything was exactly like it should be. YES! Everything about it was perfect. I only ordered one bottle to test it’s effectiveness. Just for reference one bottle is enough for about a month.

Weight Loss for African Mango

The next day I took my first dose in the morning. At first I didn’t feel any different. As the day went on though I defiantly noticed some changes. The first thing I noticed was that I wasn’t starving for lunch. Usually, by lunch time i’m so hungry that it starts to hurt. Not this day though!

When I ate lunch I only ate a small portion and I was full. It felt pretty good because usually lunch is a feeding frenzy for me. The same thing happened at dinner. I ate enough to satisfy my body nothing more. On top of that I didn’t have to eat any snacks after dinner.

Week One: After a whole week of taking African mango my eating habits have become drastically different. I consume a lot less food than I did before. I am beginning to notice that I am losing weight.

Week Two: I started to feel much happier about myself. A much more positive outlook on life started to form. Before I started to take African Mango Plus I decided that I wasn’t going to step on the scale till after two weeks. 14 days have passed and I have lost a total of 7lbs! I know to some of you out there that isn’t a lot. But for me that couldn’t lose anything it’s a tremendous amount.

Week Three: I’m really starting to like these boosts of energy I get from taking African mango. In the morning I would usually need a few cups of coffee to get me going. Now though I have ditched the coffee and just take African Mango Plus for my energy boost.

Week Four: At the end of week 4, I used up my entire bottle of African Mango Plus. I weighed myself one final time. I was able to lose an additional 6lbs! In total I lost just a little over 13lbs in a month using African mango. I’m definitely going to be ordering more African Mango Plus.

Before After African Mango

My experience with African Mango Plus has been amazing. Not only is it a great product but the company is awesome as well. I recommend African Mango Plus to all of my friends and family. Everyone that has tried it has had solid results and continue to use it today. If you are looking at buying African mango, then you should get African Mango Plus!

Trying to get the best deal for my readers. I reached out to the management at African Mango Plus. I asked them if I could get a discount to give to you all. They obliged which I was pretty happy with. The deal they are giving away is really good. If you order from them you can get FREE bottles with your purchase. You won’t find this deal anywhere else!

If you would like to get this special promotion you must click on the Order Now button. You will be redirected to African Mango Plus’s Official Website. They mentioned to me that this deal is only for a short period of time. So if you want to get free bottles then you must act now!

African Mango Plus